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with hope to the,
Mr. President of United States, Barack Obama.

To the graceful memory of the late beloved,
senator, Ted Kennedy

With appreciation, to
MA senator, Melina L. Munoz

For his effort, to
senator John McCain

With thanks, to
Soledad O’Brian, Rick Sanchez and others

For the records, to
journalists Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs and others who don’t understand forgiveness and compassion

For the privilege, to
governors Jan Brewer, Sarah Palin; sheriff Joe Arpaio and others who not willing it are working to destruct what good rests in United States.

Before I make a list of reasons for the amnesty of undocumented workers in United States we need to understand that, they are from two category groups. The first one come in consequence of a supposed extradition of all undocumented along with their family members, even those who are citizens. So the consequences are considered bad happenings and the reasons are the actions taken to avoid the deportation.

The second group come from the supposition that all undocumented immigrant (except for those who may be considered dangerous to others) will get the amnesty. The listed reasons come from the benefits it will cause to the country and its population.

The supposed number of people who will get the benefit of documentation is 11 millions. But the big total shall be 13 million. The others 2 millions are the dependent citizens of the first 11.


001. At least 3-5 millions rental residences will be vacant.

002. Millions of owners will have to balance their budget

003. Entire neighborhoods, even towns, will be vacant.

004. The value of residential buildings will go down.

005. The rentals not related with immigrants other than buildings will go down because of the vacancy.

006. Same for the commercial business which will suffer a decreasing in movement.

007. The construction industry will be put on hold for a undetermined number of years.

008. Some of construction companies will have work to do but not workers to do the job.

009. Around 100,000 micro companies owned by immigrants (documented as well undocumented) will be closed.

010. Many towns will be in a severe recession because the falling in collecting taxes.

011. The unemployment will go up instead of going down as expected by the anti-immigrants.

012. At least 100,000 workers of the teaching industry will lose their jobs.

013. Industries such as hotels, fast food, cleaning services, landscaping, delivering services and many others will not be able to replace lost employees.

014. Millions of cars (specially old ones) will be abandoned around about everywhere.

015. Some contracts of car leasing and car selling will be broken. In a conservative estimation, it will be around a million.

016. Some companies of services such as internet, cable and satellite television, telephone, energy and others will lose millions of costumers.

017. Same for banks, money cards, insurance, ect.

018. The prices for those who keep the services will go up.

019. The American economy as a whole will decrease at least about 5%.

020. More than 10,000 police workers will lose jobs.

021. An undetermined number of fire department workers will lose their jobs as well.

022. At least 60,000 health related workers will have the same fate.

023. Just for comparison, United States losing 13 millions of inhabitants will be almost the same as taking out all of New England, or 5 out its 6 states.

024. Even those companies which have not apparent links to immigration will lose budget because the “dispopulation”.

025. The undocumented population use to send gifts to their relatives in their origin countries which will be no more. (Gifts which are commercialized in US, generating budget and taxes).

026. Along the extradition of 13 million an uncounted number of legalized people, even some yet acquired citizenship and born citizens, will follow because their businesses or relationship depend on the immigrants.

027. It will aggravate the whole economic situation in United States.

028. The deportation will stop a crucial sending of money to empoverished population around the globe which will elevate to the level of hatred against everything from United States.

029. Without money, part of the population from the affected countries will consume less, the whole economy there will goes down along with their importations from United States.

030. A boycott against American products will be issued which will affect every multinational companies from United States.

031. Those companies will lose market for others from others nationalities.

032. On each phase of the process, there will be more losses in the United States, more unemployment and more legal residents will be forced to go back to their countries.

033. If they insist on staying, the competition for jobs will be more fearsome.

034. Some places in the empoverished countries will be transformed in ideal to recruitments from Al Qaeda and other terrorists groups and will be transformed in hazardous places to American products and people.

035. Even places such as the Panama Canal may be taken by anti-American politicians who could be transformed in an extra expense to the American economy.

036. Everything will contribute to the loss of hegemonic superpower that United States now have.

037. Before things get to this point the United States government may try to reverse the situation amplifying the number of visas for temporary workers but it will be, at least, a lost of time and effort because it is a nonsense to send back trained workers to import a non trained. And the results of such action could not be effective as designed.

038. As the American economy gets down some of technological advancements such as the space exploration will be slowed down giving time to others for to catch up along United States.

039. Now, some anti-immigrants are poised to take the citizenship from American children born from undocumented parents. It is a stupid idea because the old American population is not reproducing itself in an enough rate to replace the retiring people.

040. As the big boomers generation is growing older and retiring in numbers each time bigger, the United States will need more people to replace some and take care of the majority. And it is one of the duties that the immigrant population is serving for.

041. Although some complain about costs of undocumented immigration they never realize that, when any adult immigrant come in to do any job the nation is getting a far cheap worker because all the costs with education and health care that is needed for children and young people were already provided by another nation.

042. Some are complaining about the some costs United States is having to assist the children of undocumented immigrant. Those costs does not exceed the ones that the country needed to offer to citizen children. If they have a permit to stay in the United States they will pay it back in the same way the regular children do. Sending them back will waste any invested money.

043. Another complaint which was spread by stupid people is that, immigrants are coming in to United States to have babies on a expectation of when the children turn to adulthood ages legalize their parents. It is stupid because when the immigrant came to the United States they are young. Then they start working and get money. So, if they are married or just married to another people the next step is to have babies. Not because their are thinking in a future legalization but because it is the normal sequence of life. The good thing for United States is that, those babies are coming to join its population with almost no cost.

044. Another fiction is to say that, terrorists are coming in, having babies, and getting them back to train their babies to be the next generation of terrorists against United States. How imaginative and stupid are those anti-immigrants to conceive such theory of conspiracy! If it was true, and identified, it would be more clever to United States to install chips in those babies to track their lives. Like that the country will be always one step further than the terrorists.

045. Right now the United States is losing an undetermined amount of money because thousands, maybe more than a million, of children of undocumented immigrants who came in with their parents in an earlier age and concluded high school. Many of those children got brains and would be doing college if was not for the lack of documents. Not given them the citizenship and the opportunity is the same as to play in a lottery where the country only have to lose because in the midst of thousands you never know who will be the next Einstein and not to try to let them do the college is the assurance of never get it.

046. Sending back those children will be the guarantee of losing the money and brains.

047. The massive extradition will separate a bigger number of families causing future consequences on the lives of children.

048. As the American economy will be severely affected, the criminality in the country will rise.

049. The costs of imprisonment will proportionally rise too.

050. In some towns the life will be hardened by the consequent problems such as the need to close school units and transfer the children to others more distant from the families homes.

051. Some have been complaining about the money sent by immigrants to the exterior. They are ignoring how economy works. It works exactly like as the circle of life where the microorganisms serve as food for bigger ones; and those to more bigger creatures; in a food chain until it reaches the top predator. The money sent to the exterior passes from hand to hand until it gets back to its origins. If the money were not sent, the circle of money life would be smaller and the whole world economy would shrink. It means less jobs and shorter money in the pockets of the developing countries workers. Anyways, the salaries for the jobs that undocumented do, pay small money and they expend 80% or more of it here in United States to meet all their necessities.

052. The critics of the undocumented people never realize that, if all undocumented are sent back in a short period of time some money which they do circle in the American economy will be gone forever and it will be a long term damage to the economy.

053. They also don’t understand that, the immigrant as a whole come to bring here some development such permanent constructions that will stay for long time generating many kind of businesses.

At this point I would end this list since we already should have more than a hundred reasons for the amnesty of the undocumented workers in United States. It is that because for each bad consequence yet listed the extradition shall cause the legalization shall have a correspondent good consequence to everybody stays. But I will try to enlist some number of good consequences that can’t be immediately deduced by the opposite idea.

Note that I am also talking about amnesty and not only in a simple legalization. It is that in consequence of the urgency to resolve the problem. And my idea of amnesty includes even the immigrants who are wanted by the ICE because they didn’t present themselves to a court of immigration after it be issued. Although I understand that many conservative people will never accept such idea because of their legalistic feelings. But sometimes it is better to be magnanimous to those who make mistakes and try to keep the good path later than to persecute them and lose all the good things they will have to offer.

Von Brown is a good example to us. He was the most famous of Hitler’s prestigious scientist. He was responsible for the construction of the V-8 bombs which caused thousands of deaths and immense terror on the London population. As he knew exactly what was being done by the Nazi Party with his invention. He was nothing less than an war criminal. United States not only pardoned him but also used his knowledge to create its spacial program.

What the undocumented immigrant did can’t be compared to what was done by Von Brown. But if in the name of good things that he was expected to do he was excused. Greater reason is here to forgive what bad was made by undocumented people. Anyways, those who didn’t went to court as they were supposed to, can be charged with hours of social work or fines.

The general idea does not include those who have a criminal record other than evasion of immigration court.

It is important to point out that, the undocumented people would not be here if it wasn’t for the consent of American people and government. It is a problem which comes from more than 30 years. Without a specific rule for the people to come legally to the United States and despite of it being illegal, everybody found jobs and shelter until the economic crisis. American people and government failed on to send a good message saying un-documentation wasn’t allowed during this past time. So, as both sides made mistakes, I don’t think the justice will be served if the undocumented be used as scapegoat for the wrongdoing which were done by all.

The way of amnesty need have a short cut such as an universal permit green card. It should be issued immediately after the process of legalization starts. And it should give the alien citizen all the rights of a legalized citizen, even the right of travel to other countries. It is important to alleviate a tremendous psychological burden that the undocumented is suffering by being out of the acquaintanceship with their beloved relatives. The provisionary green card will be valid until the end of the correspondent process of legalization which could be deferred or not, depend on the individual records.

The amnesty should be the main goal for those who want to solve the whole problem. But as part of the solution it is vital to also issue a path to legalization for those who will come in after. The ideal is that, such law provides step-by-step how the alien citizen can legally come in to United States. Once you have such path, needed is to issue a totally forbid on undocumented work in this country. Such law need to be clear without any prejudice, even based on education level.

I now am going to continue my list of 100 reasons to amnesty the undocumented workers in United States.


054. Forgiveness is a path of two ways which brings great feelings to those who are apologizing and to those who accept it.

055. Immediately after the approval of a amnesty and a path for legalization for the future immigrant, a great wave of optimism will echoes in and out United States.

056. The hatred against everything which comes from the United States will diminish, which also will be good for its commercial products abroad.

057. The touristic industry inside United States will be immediately contemplated with joy and growth.

058. Another industry which will be struggling to attend the new arriving costumers will be the aviation.

059. The whole industry of construction will not benefit just for the buildings not be vacant but around half to a million now on sale units will be sold.

060. The whole economy in the United States will start to accelerate ending the recession in a shorter period than the economists are foretelling not counting on the amnesty.

061. Many immigrants will be free and confident on using their economics for open new businesses in United States.

062. Even some will consider and realize to sell their investments abroad for to repatriate the money to reinvest in the United States.

063. The combination of those good news will reverse the bad numbers on unemployment and even the prejudice against aliens will diminish.

064. Immediately after issued the amnesty much of the imprisoned immigrant just because their immigration status shall be freed which will represents an extended economy to the tax payer.

065. Instead of the cost the freed immigrant will get back their jobs generating growth to the economy.

066. As the amnesty comes and the comprehensive immigration law be issued the borders will be automatically safer and less difficult to control since will be much less people trying to cross illegally.

067. The smugglers will lose revenue which will be disincentive to that of criminal active.

068. The drug cartels will be more efficiently taken away.

069. The crimes committed against undocumented shall be better recorded and denounced because there will be no more fear of deportation.

070. The number of tax collection from undocumented people will be out of shadows because they will have no need to use ITIN numbers.

071. The now undocumented shall be free for join unions and demand equal payments as citizens which will benefit all citizens demanding the same rights.

072. The under the table economy which does exist because of undocumentation shall end, which will give to government the opportunity to have an additional on tax collection.

073. The immigration advocacy industry shall have a great stimulus at least for the next ten years after the amnesty be issued.

074. A unnumbered amount of children will be protected against the trauma of be separated from their parents which will guarantee more confident adults and less behavioral problems.

075. More confident children evolve to a more creative adults which is a great acquirement to whole country.

076. United States already has the benefit from being a multicultural society. It works in favor of the creativity in diverse areas. The most visible is the movie industry. If the movie industry stood exploiting themes such as the Old West, Civil War, WW II and others, it probably would be just a shrinked version of today’s one. It is not because aliens are more creative. But all creativity have some limit. From some level it becomes harder to develop if new ideas are not introduced. It is always useful to have many people from most different background for keep it creative and attractive. The amnesty will help it.

077. But what nobody yet told about is the benefit from genetical diversity. The legal immigration favors the immigration of elite class. At least in the Occident all elite come from the small number of ancestors born on the Middle Ages. It does not add much to genetical diversity. But the great benefit of genetical diversity can be measured only in a long term, after many generations. So it is why nobody has talked about it.

078. As I showed in the first part of this list, to deport all undocumented immigrant will be costly, traumatic, cold-hearted and prolonged action. Otherwise the amnesty can be quick as a executive order can be signed, compassionated and without costs for the tax payer since the immigrants themselves can pay the process.

079. Most of the population in the world does not use advanced technologies because of poverty and even hunger. With the immigration problem solved, United States and others developed countries can concentrate on solve the poverty problem in the world what in a long term will bring a great number of consumers of higher technologies born in United States.

080. The American way can solve all American problems but may have not the same effect on others problems. The amnesty will construct a better relationship between countries and the mutual confidence will solve problems and bring more trade.

081 With more confidence between the parts the terrorism problem will be attacked in two ways. The first way is because the terrorism will lose support. The second way is the foreign government will be empowered to combat it abroad.

082. This way will bring us to one safer world but not a entirely safe one. We are not our worst enemies. We have super volcanoes, mega tsunamis, asteroids, great epidemics and others which could cause more damage or extinction to humanity in a question of hours or days. So we can’t let the smaller problems distract and prevent us from to have a contingency plan to avoid such disasters. It will require the participation and confidence of all because if one of those enemies strike, nobody will be spared.

083. With the legalization institutes of education will be benefited because an unnumbered group of immigrants is just waiting the opportunity for start their class.

084. Some part of American population, mainly those who live on the countryside states, don’t realize how hard the life of Americans will be without the presence of immigrants, specially the undocumented. So I will remind them what good they got from the immigrant population even without see them in many cases. The amnesty shall assures benefit such as to get the daily newspaper at home before sunrise.

085. A nourishment before start the daily work in any fast food franchise.

086. A cleaned ambient of work.

087. A beauty garden throughout whole cities.

088. A good lunch at most restaurants.

089. Also a good diner any day it is needed.

090. Just in case, a delivered pizza any time of the day or night.

091. The guarantee of having fresh vegetables and fruits at your please in supermarkets.

092. The same for bakeries products.

093. Services of taxes transportation as needed.

094. Care for your elderly relatives while you are working.

095. Houses weekly or whatsoever cleaned up.

096. With all the cleaning we need to add prevention against infectocontagious diseased.

097. Services of baby sitting.

098. Lower ranked workers in all industries.

099. In case of disasters such as the hurricane Katrina, you always can count on some to clean up and reconstruct, even in hazardous situations.

100. Painting and hoofing services.

101. Anything else that you don’t have a citizen willing to do you always can count on an immigrant.

102. Everything for a affordable price.

I wrote it by hand before I took it to the computer. So I thought I was having a little trouble to remember the last ones from the 100 planed reasons for amnesty the undocumented immigrant. Now I saw two repeated numbers in my list so it is converted now to 102 reasons. I am absolutely sure that the immigrants who will read this list shall have others reasons to add in to my list. So I am putting three more spaces for stimulate the readers to add something in their lists.




Thanks to all readers who comment on this text.



agosto 5, 2010












Prezados Plinio e Azenha,

Gostaria de fazer alguns comentarios no sentido de ajudar sem que a minha critica seja entendida como oposicao gratuita.

Infelizmente, essa primeira entrevista nao mostrou ao que veio o candidato. Ele deixou apenas mencionado que eh a favor da Reforma Agraria, o que todos seriamos se essa fosse bem entendida e aplicada. Porem a “teologia” da Reforma Agraria foi muito explorada no tempo da Revoluca Bolchevista e aplicada apos 1.917. La precisamos lembrar que a maezinha Russia era “Terra de nobres que mantinham seus suditos em regime de escravidao.” Apesar disso, digamos assim, a Reforma Agraria institucionalizou uma certa igualdade entre as pessoas, mas tambem manteve a escravidao. O povo apenas mudou das maos de feitores, passando da nobreza para a mao dos burocratas. E a Reforma Agraria nao levou ninguem a lugar algum. Alguem ai ja ouviu falar em produtos da Reforma Agraria Sovietica?

Em segundo lugar, se eh preciso fazer a Reforma Agraria como forma de distribuicao de renda, devemos entao fazer a Reforma Industrial, a Reforma Comercial, a Reforma do Transporte, a Reforma da Midia, a Reforma Bancaria, a Reforma da Posse Urbana etc, etc. Ora, isso eh tao velho e sem resultados que a China se entregou ao semi-capitalismo para emergir a segunda potencia economica mundial, por enquanto.

Outra derrota para os teoristas da Reforma Agraria pura e simples eh o fato de nos EEUU ela nunca ter acontecido e eles sao o pais que mais produzem e exportam produtos agricolas no mundo.

Associado a isso, devemos lembrar que o apelo aa Reforma Agraria (pura e simples) pode excitar a ambicao dos mais pobres pensando que se tornarao independentes com ela. Mas basta olharmos para o exemplo dos pequenos e medios produtores rurais no Brasil para verificarmos que eles foram abandonados ha muito tempo. No Brasil hoje-em-dia nao vale a pena produzir em pequenas propriedades, exceto nas que estao proximas a grandes centros urbanos porque o nosso sistema de transporte eh precario e carissimo. Nao me apontem algumas excessoes. Sou oriundo de familias produtoras, desde os tempos em que Minas Gerais comecou e conheco a extensao exata do problema. A propagando pro-Reforma Agraria nao tem a menor validade sem a devida apresentacao de proposta para resolver o problema dos que ja vivem da terra.

Reforma agraria eh um tema bastante complexo e nao cabe aqui exgotar sua discussao. Mas podemos fornecer alguns numeros basicos para calculo. Como o Brasil tem 8.5 milhoes Km2 e aproximadamente 200 milhoes de habitantes temos que cada habitante poderia possuir 4.25 ha. Isso daria 17 ha em media por familia. Mas ai precisamos descontar as areas de reservas, as montanhas, os lagos e rios etc e tal. O problema eh que a populacao esta concentrada quase toda numa distancia relativamente curta da costa brasileira. Nao creio que a maioria dos operarios da cidade esteja interessada em mudar para a Amazonia, Norte de outras regioes e sertao. Alem do mais tem o problema de distribuicao das aguas etc e tal. Feita, porem, tal Reforma Agraria, teriamos um pais essencialmente agricola. Todos teriam onde produzir o que comer mas nao teriam a quem vender, senao no exterior. Ai ficariamos totalmente dependente deste mercado, a merce de seus humores. Em termos de prazer de plantar e ver a plantacao crescer, eh a melhor terapia do mundo. Palavra de quem tem experiencia no assunto. Porem, que nao seja para tirar-se o sustento, a nao ser que se possa produzir em grande escala. O que, no Brasil, eh carissimo e tao enganoso quanto jogar-se em cassinos.

Juntamente com isso, esse posicionamento de esquerda/direita serve somente para dividir a populacao em classes e nao resolve nada. Muito mais que dividir eh preciso unir porque a divisao acaba acarretando mais problemas que solucionando-os. Os problemas existem? Eh preciso identifica-los, reconhece-los e dar-lhes solucoes. Esqueca-se essa mera irracionalidade de esquerda/direita e se concentre apenas na solucao. Deixa-se essa discussao “teologica” apenas para os extremistas que, ate hoje, nao causaram nenhum bem aa humanidade e somente tentaram dividi-la para o beneficio proprio.

Quanto a realmente salvar o pais, devemos nos espelhar na Historia recente alema. Ela foi por duas vezes destruida no seculo passado. Emergiu das cinzas como Fenix. Qual a explicacao para isso? Educacao. Educacao. Educacao. Mesmo que ela tenha perdido quase todos os valores economicos em decorrencia das duas guerras mundiais que perdeu, nao perdeu a cultura e o conhecimento que possuia. Disso ela retirou o resurgimento. E o que acontece com o Brasil que ha 150 anos nao entra numa guerra dele mesmo? Simplesmente quer queimar etapas. Esta sempre buscando crescer economicamente, sem buscar tornar-se dono ou autor de nenhum conhecimento que o torne independente.

No Brasil (ja estive professor por ai), como em outros paises, trocou-se o valor de um professor pelo de alguns poucos jogadores e desportistas de outras modalidades; bundas rebolantes e musicas sem nenhum enriquecimento cultural ou sabedoria. Nao adianta encher o pais de escolas, se a ultima coisa que os melhores alunos delas desejam ser quando crescerem eh professor. Enquanto o educador e a educacao nao forem valorizados, a construcao de escolas tera o mesmo valor que piramides no Egito. Talvez, daqui ha 4.000 anos, servirao de pontos turisticos mas ninguem sabera realmente para o que serviam.

Nao acredito nesse tipo de propaganda de rivalidades entre classes. Penso que isso so leva ao atraso. Ao inves de pregar o socialismo que toma dos outros para repartir com os pobres, deve-se sentar-se aa mesa com os ricos e demonstrar a eles como as coisas realmente funcionam. Pode-se pegar uma cadeia alimentar biologica e mostrar como seres unicelulares sustentam o leao, o maior predador da cadeia alimentar em areas terrestres. Se o leao soubesse disso, ele faria de tudo para cultivar os seres unicelulares e sua cadeia alimentar ate aos herbivoros que lhe sustentam e ele nunca mais teria que se preocupar com a fome.

A economia funciona da mesma forma. Os ricos precisam se educar para saberem que a distribuicao de renda trara grande beneficio a ele proprio. O salario minimo de R$ 2.000,00 nao pode ser, por si so, danoso ao pais em nenhum sentido porque este eh mais ou menos o salario minimo em paises industrializados. O salario maior aumenta sim o consumo. Mas tambem os empregos, as oportunidades, a arrecadacao de impostos, etc, que resultam na possibilidade de criar-se uma sociedade mais justa. Tudo tem que ser pensado, de acordo com um equilibrio em mente.

Mas isso so sera possivel se as classes se sentarem e depositarem confianca umas nas outras. Com o discurso de divisao de classes essa confianca sera abortada ao inves de nascer. Os outros problemas como: o transporte caro e insipiente, a seguranca, a saude etc serao resolvidos dentro do Novo Pacto Social.

Espero que a minha opiniao sirva como contribuicao para o debate. Obrigado pela atencao de todos,

Valquirio de M. Barbalho eh blogueiro, autor de livros e ideias.